EPIC Seeks Records About FTC’s Investigation of Zoom

April 16, 2020

EPIC has filed an urgent Freedom of Information Act request with the FTC seeking records about the status of the Zoom investigation. This week, FTC Commissioner Noah Phillips declined to say whether the agency is investigating Zoom. The Commissioner's statement follows widespread reporting on privacy and security problems with the video conferencing service. In July 2019, EPIC sent a detailed complaint to the FTC citing the flaws with Zoom and warning that the company had "exposed users to the risk of remote surveillance, unwanted video calls, and denial-of-service attack." Last week urged the FTC to open an investigation. In a recent letter to FTC Chairman Simons, Senator Sherrod Brown stated, "I believe that the company is engaging in deceptive practices by inaccurately advertising end-to-end encryption of its virtual meetings and putting consumers' information and privacy at risk."

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