EPIC Statement on Reported Section 702 Reauthorization Vote

February 12, 2024

New media reports indicate that Speaker Johnson plans to bring a new bill to the House floor this week that would reauthorize FISA Section 702, the controversial warrantless surveillance program. Reports also indicate that Congress may hold a “secret session” to debate changes to the surveillance authority, which would undermine transparency around the potential renewal of a surveillance authority that sweeps in significant amounts of Americans’ information.

Jeramie Scott, Senior Counsel and Director of EPIC’s Project on Surveillance Oversight:

“Rushing to pass an anti-reform bill, subject only to very limited (and partially secret) debate, is a flagrant attempt to sidestep the strong, bipartisan movement for surveillance reform. The American people deserve better.”

EPIC has published a blog series focused on explaining Section 702 and the need to reform it. EPIC and a bipartisan coalition of civil society groups have called for broad reform to Section 702 and related surveillance authorities.

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