EPIC to Congress: Do Not Renew Section 215 Surveillance Program

September 18, 2019

In advance of a hearing on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, EPIC has sent a statement to the House Judiciary Committee urging Congress to end the NSA's phone record collection program, known as "Section 215." Section 215 of the Patriot Act, according to White House legal advisors including now Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, allowed the NSA to collect in bulk the telephone records of Americans. In 2013, following the Snowden disclosures, EPIC filed a petition with the Supreme Court, challenging the lawfulness of Section 215. Congress found the 215 program was ineffective and passed the USA Freedom Act to limit data collection. NSA has since acknowledged significant compliance problems with the reformed program, and the Director of National Intelligence confirmed that the limited collection program was suspended. Section 215 will sunset unless Congress chooses to renew the program.

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