EPIC to Court: Order AI Commission to Open Meetings, Records

February 19, 2020

EPIC has filed a brief urging a federal court to enforce the transparency obligations of the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence. EPIC explained that the AI Commission must hold open meetings and publish its records on a regular basis. The court previously ruled that the AI Commission must comply with EPIC's Freedom of Information Act request, but the Commission now claims that it is exempt from a related statute that requires advisory committees to operate transparently. EPIC told the court that "as is often the case for federal entities, the AI Commission must comply with two (or three, or more) statutory obligations at the same time." The Commission, which is tasked with developing U.S. AI policy, recently released a report to Congress criticizing the EU General Data Protection Regulation and calling for greater "government access to data on Americans." The AI Commission met frequently in secret with lobbyists and private contractors, but never gathered opinions from the American public.

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