EPIC to FTC: Strengthen Unrollme Order

September 19, 2019

In comments to the FTC on a proposed consent agreement with Unrollme, EPIC recommended requiring Unrollme to notify users of past deceptive practices and to obtain reauthorization from users before using personal data. According to the settlement with the FTC, Unrollme deceived users as to the privacy protections for personal emails. EPIC also respond to the Separate Statement of Commissioner Noah Phillips, warning that "continued support for 'Notice and choice' will only contribute to further erosion of privacy protection for American consumers." EPIC also suggested "if the Commissioner is genuinely concerned about restoring consumer choice and competition for Internet services, then unwinding the Facebook-WhatsApp merger, as EPIC has repeatedly urged, would be a good place to start." Agency regulations require the FTC to consider public comments before finalizing a proposed consent order.

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