EPIC to Lobby for US Privacy Agency

June 21, 2019

In a statement released today, EPIC's Marc Rotenberg said the privacy organization would lobby for the creation a data protection agency in the United States. Criticizing the failure of the FTC to enforce the consent order against Facebook, Rotenberg said "the Commission has turned its back on the American public…Instead of going after the dominant tech firms that pose the greatest threats to privacy and competition, the FTC has chosen instead to go after small businesses." EPIC's President explained that EPIC had not previously lobbied Congress, but would do so now, "we have decided that EPIC can no longer stand on the sidelines." The statement concluded, "A data protection agency is the cornerstone of effective privacy protection. Data protection agencies act as ombudsmen for the public. They encourage innovation and good business practices. They identify emerging privacy challenges and pursue solutions. They take enforcement action when necessary and they impose penalties that are meaningful. Virtually every democratic country has created a privacy agency. But the United States has not. As a consequence, data breach and identity theft continue to rise in the United States. The pace of mergers is accelerating and the rate of innovation is slowing."

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