EPIC Urges Court to Begin Review of Unredacted Mueller Report

April 17, 2020

EPIC, in a filing from EPIC v. Department of Justice has urged a federal court to begin its review of the unredacted Mueller Report to determine what additional material must be released to the public. Judge Reggie B. Walton recently ordered the DOJ to turn over the complete Report, citing "grave concerns about the objectivity of the process that preceded the public release of the redacted version of the Mueller Report[.]" EPIC noted that courts have ensured that "the federal judiciary continues its essential work" during the COVID-19 crisis and that "time is of the essence in this case." The book EPIC v. DOJ: The Mueller Report, which includes EPIC's original Freedom of Information Act request and related materials, is available for purchase at the EPIC Bookstore. EPIC's case—the first in the nation for the disclosure of the Mueller Report—is EPIC v. DOJ, No. 19-810.

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