EPIC Urges FCC to Protect Consumer Data from Misuse by ISPs

January 18, 2024

On January 17, EPIC submitted reply comments to the Federal Communications Commission in the FCC’s proceeding on reclassifying internet service providers and other broadband providers as common carriers. In its comments, EPIC urged the FCC to outline a broad interpretation of its privacy and data security authorities under Title II of the Communications Act (which governs common carriers such as phone carriers), to explain that the FCC’s consumer protection authorities complement those of the FTC, to make findings that prioritize protecting consumers over protecting data broker and advertiser profits, to initiate an immediate rulemaking to safeguard consumer privacy and data security on the internet, and to continue to facilitate cooperation among state and federal agencies in combating fraud.

EPIC has long advocated for consumer privacy protections in broadband services and regularly files comments with the FCC.

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