EPIC Urges Senate to Strengthen US Privacy Laws for Cross Border Data Flows

March 26, 2019

EPIC sent a statement to a Senate committee on Foreign Relations regarding the nomination of Keith Krach to Under Secretary of State. Krach would serve as the US Privacy Shield Ombudsperson, a pivotal role concerning the transfer of personal data between the EU and the US. EPIC took no position on the nominee, but wrote to underscore the urgency of Congressional action to safeguard the privacy interests of Americans. EPIC explained that foreign governments are reluctant to permit the transfer of the personal data of their citizens to the U.S. due to the U.S.'s lax privacy laws. EPIC recommended Congress take three steps to update U.S. privacy law: (1) enact the comprehensive baseline privacy legislation, (2) establish an independent data protection agency, and (3) ratify the International Privacy Convention.

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