EPIC v. DOJ: Court Will Review Key Memo From Mueller Investigation

March 16, 2020

A federal court, ruling in EPIC v. Department of Justice, has decided to review the unredacted version of key memo by Special Counsel Mueller to determine whether additional material must be released. The memo, which summarizes Mueller's investigation of a suspected "unregistered agent of a foreign government," was partially disclosed to EPIC in response to EPIC's Freedom of Information Act request. Earlier, the court ruled in EPIC's case that it would review the sections of the Mueller Report that the government has withheld from the public. The court also rebuked Attorney General Barr, citing "grave concerns about the objectivity of the process that preceded the public release of the redacted version of the Mueller Report[.]" The book EPIC v. DOJ: The Mueller Report, which includes EPIC's original FOIA request and related materials, is available for purchase at the EPIC Bookstore. The case is EPIC v. Department of Justice, No. 19-810.

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