EPIC v. DOJ: Justice Department Will Reprocess Mueller Report by June 19

June 12, 2020

The Justice Department, as part of the open government case EPIC v. DOJ, has agreed to reprocess the Mueller Report by June 19 and potentially release additional material pertaining to Roger Stone. The Justice Department has withheld significant portions of the Mueller Report on the theory that disclosure would interfere with the criminal case against Stone. But as EPIC noted in a recent filing, trial court proceedings in the Stone case have now ended. Judge Reggie B. Walton is currently conducting an “in camera” review of the complete Mueller Report following the court’s recent ruling in EPIC’s case. Earlier this week, the court ordered the Justice Department to appear before the court on July 20 and provide more information about its redactions to the Mueller Report. EPIC's case—the first in the nation for the disclosure of the Mueller Report—is EPIC v. DOJ, No. 19-810.

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