EU Advocate General Backs Data Transfers, Criticizes Privacy Shield

December 19, 2019

Today the EU Advocate General issued an advisory opinion in "Schrems 2.0," a case about Facebook’s transfer of personal data to the United States. The Advocate General backed data transfers generally but sharply criticized the EU-US Privacy Shield agreement. The Advocate also said that data protection authorities must enforce privacy obligations. The Advocate General cited EPIC's expert submissions in the case concerning the adequacy of US privacy law. The case follows the European Court's landmark decision in Schrems v. DPC striking down the "Safe Harbor" arrangement. The European Court of Justice is expected to issue a binding opinion in the next few months. After the original Schrems opinion, EPIC testified in Congress. EPIC's Marc Rotenberg urged Congress to "modernize" US privacy law and also establish an independent privacy agency.

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