IAPP Global Privacy Summit 2024

3 Apr. 12:45 PM EDT

EPIC Deputy Director Caitriona Fitzgerald will be participating in IAPP’s Global Privacy Summit 2024 on April 3rd. Caitriona will be speaking at the “Federal Privacy Legislation: Obstacles and Opportunities” from 12:45pm – 1:45pm ET.

Caitriona will be joined on the panel by: Kate Goodloe, Keir Lamont, and Austin Mooney.

Panel Description: As legislators rush to enact new privacy laws in the states, similar efforts at the federal level have moved slowly. In this session, a panel will discuss the state of legislative efforts in Congress, breaking down the substance of current proposals and the political and policy disagreements that have become barriers to enactment. Among other things, panelists will discuss the need for federal privacy legislation, the relationship between current proposals and existing laws, the potential impact on emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, and the debates over preemption, enforcement mechanisms, and other topics.

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