Privacy Camp ’22: Connecting algorithmic harm throughout the criminal legal cycle

25 Jan. 9:20 AM EDT

Predictive automated decision-making throughout the criminal justice cycle impacts freedom, liberty, and other protected rights. Although risk assessment algorithms, predictive policing, and biometric surveillance by law enforcement have attracted significant attention, the broader ways algorithmic harm is inextricable from the criminal justice cycle have not received as much attention. This panel will explore how automated decision-making in housing, education, public benefits, and commerce impact the criminal justice cycle and the systemic failures that allow those uses to exacerbate negative impacts and perpetuate societal inequities. The panel will also discuss what this means for advocacy and whether it is even possible to use automated decision-making equitably in this context. Specifically, panellists will discuss different regulatory solutions addressing both criminal justice algorithms and AI broadly to inform advocates’ efforts to understand and mitigate algorithmic harm.

Moderator: Ben Winters, Counsel, EPIC


  • Dr. Nakeema Stefflbauer, CEO, Frauenloop
  • Clarence Okoh, Civil Rights Legal Fellow, NAACP-Legal Defense Fund
  • Silkie Carlo, Executive Director, Big Brother Watch

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