Facebook Fined 1,000,000 Euro Over Cambridge Analytica Scandal

June 28, 2019

The Italian Data Protection Authority has fined Facebook 1 million euros for its misuse of personal data in the Cambridge Analytica scandal. The authority said that 57 Italian users downloaded the "ThisIsYourDigitalLife" app through Facebook, which enabled Cambridge Analytica to unlawfully collect the personal data of more than 200,000 Italians. Meanwhile, the Federal Trade Commission has failed to issue any fines or take any action against Facebook in the fifteen months since the Cambridge Analytica scandal broke. EPIC brought the original complaint to the FTC in 2009 that led to the 2011 consent order against Facebook. Earlier this year, an EPIC Freedom of Information Act request uncovered more than 26,000 complaints against Facebook pending at the Commission. EPIC has repeatedly urged the FTC to #EnforceTheOrder against Facebook.

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