FTC Renews Spam Rule, Cites EPIC Comments

April 23, 2019

After soliciting public comments, the Federal Trade Commission has renewed the CAN-SPAM Rule (Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing). The FTC rule requires subject-line labeling of commercial emails containing sexually explicit material. The rule also clarifies that a recipient of unwanted emails may not be required to pay a fee, provide additional information or take any steps beyond sending an email or visiting a web page to opt out. In confirming the final rule, the agency specifically referenced EPIC's comments in support of the rule: "For example, the Electronic Privacy Information Center ('EPIC'), a consumer advocacy group, asserted that, '[w]hile the volume of spam is lower than it was just a few years ago, the need for the Rule continues.'" EPIC continues to push the FTC to safeguard consumer privacy with the Enforce the Order campaign, urging the agency to act against Facebook.

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