Google Announces Limits on Data Transfer in Ad Bids

November 18, 2019

Google has announced that it will no longer describe the type of content on an app or webpage when conducting auctions for ads. Google stated the change was the result of "engagement with data protection authorities" and would help prevent those bidding on ads from linking individual people to sensitive content. The change raised concerns about entrenching Google's dominance over internet advertising and whether the policy change would further diminish advertising revenue for content publishers. Questions also remain as to whether the change is necessary under the GDPR if user IDs are effectively deidentified as Google has claimed. Google's modifications to its Street View data collection failed to halt multiple fines by data protection agencies for legal violations. The company's ad exchange is still under investigation for violations of the EU General Data Protection Regulation. EPIC recently urged lawmakers to unwind bad mergers, including Google's acquisition of YouTube and Nest.

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