International Committee Adopts Resolution on Regulation of Social Media

November 7, 2019

The International Grand Committee on Fake News and Disinformation, meeting in Dublin, agreed today to principles to advance the global regulation of social media. EPIC President Marc Rotenberg, who spoke earlier in the day to the Committee, praised the outcome. “This is an important step forward,” said Mr. Rotenberg. “The Committee has recognized that self-regulation has failed and that social media firms must be subject to the rule of law and democratic institutions. EPIC fully supports the recommendation for transparency regarding the source, targeting methodology and levels of funding for all online political advertising. But the Committee will need to do more to safeguard election integrity.” Mr. Rotenberg’s prepared statement highlighted an opinion of the former European Data Protection Supervisor Giovanni Buttarelli, who said the solution to the challenge of fake news “is to be found beyond content management and transparency. We also need better enforcement of the rules on data processing, especially sensitive information such as health, political and religious views, and accountability."

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