International Privacy Experts Adopt Recommendations for AI, Location Tracking

May 7, 2019

The International Working Group on Data Protection has adopted new recommendations for artificial intelligence and location tracking. The Berlin-based Working Group includes data protection authorities who assess emerging privacy challenges. The IWG report "Privacy and Artificial Intelligence" sets out fairness and respect for human rights, oversight, transparency and intelligibility as key elements of AI design and use. The IWG recommendations share several principles with the Universal Guidelines for Artificial Intelligence, proposed by EPIC as the basis for federal legislation and endorsed by more than 250 experts and 60 organizations. The IWG report "Wide Area Location Tracking" addresses large scale collection of location data in devices and applications, and urges limits on the transfer of the data, location tracking switched off by default, and periodic auditing by regulators. EPIC recently provided a comprehensive report for the IWG explaining recent developments in U.S. privacy law and policy.

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