Marketplace: What a privacy organization and Big Tech’s lead lobbying group think about internet regulation 

March 27, 2024

…Iorio: Yes. So NetChoice is here, it exists to fight for its Big Tech members…NetChoice is out there arguing that the First Amendment pretty much makes them immune for many of these regulations, from privacy regulations in particular. In the NetChoice v. [California Attorney General Rob] Bonta briefing, NetChoice is very clear that they don’t think that any privacy law that actually does something to protect users from privacy harms, that has data minimization requirements and use restrictions, would pass constitutional muster. And that is disturbing. They also think that any regulation of design-mediated harms, like addictive algorithms and dark patterns, they think that all of those would be unconstitutional. So it really is this push to ensure that the internet remains this lawless place where kids and parents are just scrambling to figure out what to do and tying the hands of the government from doing anything to protect Americans.

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