OECD Announces AI Principles, 42 Nations Endorse

May 22, 2019

Today the OECD announced the OECD Principles on Artificial Intelligence, the first international standard for AI, with the backing of 42 countries. The OECD AI principles make central "the rule of law, human rights and democratic values" and set out requirements for fairness, accountability and transparency. OECD Secretary-General Gurría said the OECD AI principles "place the interests of people at its heart." Gurría also quoted Alan Turing, who once said, "We can only see a short distance ahead, but we can see plenty there that needs to be done." Civil society groups, working through the CSISAC played a key role in the development of the OECD AI Principles as did the EPIC Public Voice project. Earlier this year, EPIC President Marc Rotenberg commended the US administration for backing the OECD process, but also wrote in the New York Times that there is much more to be done. "The United States must work with other democratic countries to establish red lines for certain AI applications and ensue fairness, accountability, and transparency as AI systems are deployed."

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