Reason: Republicans Split on Whether FBI Should Be Able To Snoop Without a Warrant 

April 10, 2024

RISAA is allegedly a compromise between the Protect Liberty and End Warrantless Surveillance Act ( H.R. 6570 ), which was passed by the House Judiciary Committee, and the Intelligence Committee’s preferred bill, known as the FISA Reform and Reauthorization Act of 2023 ( H.R. 6611). But in actuality, it leans much more heavily into the intelligence committee’s wants. 

Of the 56 “reforms” contained in RISAA, nearly a quarter “either codify existing practice and procedures (under which abuses are continuing to occur), or actively weaken existing protections,” according to a document put out by the Brennan Center for Justice, the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), and FreedomWorks. 

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