Senators Demand Information from Amazon on Ring and Surveillance

November 21, 2019

Five prominent Senators have demanded that Amazon provide information about Ring, the neighborhood surveillance system posing as a doorbell. Senators Wyden, Markey, Van Hollen, Coons, and Peters wrote that Amazon "holds a vast amount of deeply sensitive data and video footage detailing the lives of millions of Americans in and near their homes." The Senators pressed Amazon for Information about Ring and facial recognition, noting that the company has applied for facial recognition patents. The letter follows an investigation by Senator Markey into Ring's surveillance practices. Senator Markey has also sponsored the Privacy Bill of Rights Act, a bill that would limit some of Amazon's data collection practices. EPIC has recently launched a campaign to Ban Face Surveillance worldwide. After 9-11, EPIC also led the Observing Surveillance campaign to limit the use of surveillance cameras in DC.

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