The Record: FCC to probe ‘grave’ weaknesses in phone network infrastructure 

April 1, 2024

It’s encouraging to see the FCC’s continued attention to location data, Chris Frascella, who is counsel at the Electronic Privacy Information Center, said via email.  

Frascella, who focuses on telecommunications issues, said he is optimistic that the commission will “follow-through on its multiple lines of inquiry.” But he said he is also concerned that the FCC still hasn’t published orders issued against “prominent telecom carriers for the illegal resale of precise location data,” despite their having been released more than four years ago.  

“In the absence of a comprehensive federal privacy law, and in light of chronic carrier cybersecurity deficiencies, agencies like the FCC need to act more quickly to safeguard consumer data, including but not limited to phone subscriber location information,” Frascella said via email.

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