White House Releases v.2 of National Cybersecurity Strategy Implementation Plan

May 8, 2024

Yesterday, the White House released Version 2 of the National Cybersecurity Strategy Implementation Plan (NCSIP). Updates to the initial NCSIP — released July 2023 — include a focus on healthcare and on education facilities, preventing abuse of U.S.-based infrastructure, updating the National Privacy Research Strategy, and supporting development of a digital identity ecosystem.

The five core pillars of the strategy have not changed; EPIC continues to support the Biden-Harris Administration’s commitments to establishing cybersecurity minimum requirements in critical sectors (under Strategy Pillar One: Defend Critical Infrastructure) and to improving privacy and data security practices in all sectors (under Strategy Pillar Three: Shape Market Forces to Drive Security and Resilience) in particular.

EPIC continues to call on policymakers across the country to take up the cause of establishing comprehensive privacy protections, limit harmful data practices, and impose data minimization standards. This includes urging regulators to incentivize stronger industry data security practices and to mandate transparency for consumers when breaches do occur.

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