EPIC Launches #EnforceTheOrder, Urges FTC Action on Facebook

With the one-year deadline of the reopening of the Facebook investigation approaching, EPIC has launched the campaign #EnforceTheOrder. EPIC is urging the Federal Trade Commission to act before March 26, 2019. Many experts, including former FTC Chief Technology Officer Ashkan Soltani, Senator Richard Blumenthal, and former FTC Chair William Kovacic, have said that Facebook violated the consent order. EPIC has also joined with Color of Change, the Open Markets Institute and others to urge the FTC to impose a significant fine and also to break up the company, reform hiring and management practices, and install a director to represent users. Follow EPIC at @EPICprivacy for the latest on the campaign. Join us. Tweet why enforcement matters to you. Include #EnforceTheOrder @FTC @facebook.

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