EPIC and NCLC Urge FCC to Hold Providers Responsible for International Robocalls and to Publish Traceback Info

January 10, 2022

On Monday, EPIC and the National Consumer Law Center (NCLC) urged the FCC to make all telephone service providers liable for knowingly transmitting illegal robocalls and scam calls from foreign callers to U.S. customers. In its request for comment, the FCC acknowledged that “illegal robocalls that originate abroad are a significant part of the robocall problem.” EPIC and NCLC told the FCC that providers would be more likely to stop routing illegal foreign robocalls if they were held liable for the harm the calls caused consumers. EPIC and NCLC also recommended that the FCC publicly disclose or require the Industry Traceback Group (ITG) to publicly disclose the results of ITG traceback requests, which are investigations into the sources of illegal calls and the providers who transmit them to consumers. Specifically, EPIC and NCLC asked the FCC or ITG to disclose which providers are accepting and routing illegal foreign calls to U.S. customers. Visibility into traceback requests can help consumers, providers, and regulators identify who is making illegal calls and which providers are not working hard enough to stop them. EPIC routinely participates in regulatory and legislative processes concerning robocalls and files amicus briefs in robocall cases.

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