EPIC Celebrates Sunshine Week with 2022 FOIA Gallery

March 14, 2022

EPIC has launched the 2022 FOIA Gallery in celebration of Sunshine Week, a week long initiative promoting open government. Since 2001, EPIC has annually published highlights of EPIC’s most significant open government cases and documents obtained through government records requests. This past year was yet again filled with success stories. For example, EPIC was victorious in its ongoing lawsuit against the IRS to obtain President Trump’s tax settlements. A federal court ruled that the IRS must conduct a search and disclose any accepted offers in compromise to EPIC. In another case, a federal court ordered the DOJ to disclose more new material from the Mueller Report, adding to EPIC’s previous wins in EPIC v. DOJ that forced the DOJ to release initially withheld material on three prior occasions. EPIC also forced the DOJ to identify the number of location data requests in several U.S. Attorney’s Offices.

In addition to litigation successes, EPIC FOIA Gallery highlights documents that EPIC obtained such as information about ICE’s use of Clearview AI, 2018 DHS election security briefing material, Google’s 2016-2018 privacy assessment under the Consent Order, and information about Baltimore’s controversial aerial surveillance program.

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