EPIC, Coalition Publish Shadow Report in Response to Senator Schumer’s AI Roadmap

May 21, 2024

On May 20, 2024, EPIC and 52 other organizations and advocates released Put the Public in the Driver’s Seat: Shadow Report to the US Senate AI Policy Roadmap, a groundbreaking report intended to serve as a complement and counterpoint to Leader Schumer’s AI Roadmap and the industry narratives that underpin it. The report showcases a decade of research and advocacy from impacted communities, researchers, and civil society advocates around AI harms that challenges industry-led narratives and proves that the AI policy landscape has moved far beyond the starting point that Leader Schumer envisioned.

While regulators around the world tackled AI oversight head-on, Congress remained stalled on opaque, industry-driven “Insight Forums” catering to Big Tech voices like Elon Musk, Sam Altman, and Hoan Ton-That. We don’t have time to waste on stalling tactics and industry narratives: mountains of evidence already illustrate the danger of public use of AI systems across the country—dangers that are multiplied for marginalized communities. This shadow report presents 206 resources for Congress to consider as a counterpoint to Big Tech perspectives, covering everything from the impacts of AI on competition and the environment to the ways that AI are disproportionately used against poor, disabled, and immigrant communities.

EPIC has long been a leading advocate for stronger regulation of AI systems, including efforts to ban government use of biometric surveillance tools and extensive research on AI risks, and is proud to join over 50 other organizations and advocates in our push for greater recognition of the civil and human rights impacts of AI. EPIC will continue to advocate for meaningful and equitable approaches to privacy and technology legislation at both the federal and state levels.

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