EPIC Comments on Proposed FTC Order that Prohibits Data Aggregator from Selling Location Data

February 23, 2024

EPIC filed comments this week in response to the Federal Trade Commission’s proposed consent order with location data aggregator InMarket LLC, which used consumers’ location data to create and maintain consumer profiles to targeted advertising. The proposed order prohibits the company from selling or licensing precise location data and from selling, licensing, transferring, or sharing any product or service that categorizes or targets consumers based on sensitive location data. The FTC’s complaint highlighted the substantial injuries consumers are likely to face from such out-out-of context uses of their personal information, including their location data that can reveal highly sensitive traits. In its comments, EPIC applauded the FTC for investigating and taking enforcement against companies like InMarket and encouraged the Commission to continue to use its authorities to protect consumers against harmful location data practices. EPIC has previously called on agencies to regulate the commercial use of location data and to require strict limits on the retention of location information.

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