EPIC Joins Statement to Facebook, End Messenger for Kids

January 30, 2019

EPIC joined a letter with fourteen other public interest groups to Mark Zuckerberg, calling on the Facebook CEO to shut down Facebook Messenger Kids, and cease all child-targeted business operations. This coalition effort, led by Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, follows reporting that Facebook made millions of dollars by intentionally duping kids into making accidental purchases while playing games. Last year, the groups called on the company to shut down Facebook Messenger Kids based on research linking adolescent social media use with depression, poor sleep habits, and unhealthy body image. Senators Markey (D-MA) and Blumenthal (D-CT) also wrote a letter to Zuckerberg requesting answers on children's use of Facebook. EPIC, civil rights, and open market groups recently urged the FTC to act on numerous violations of the 2011 Consent Order.

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