EPIC Publishes Resources on CFPB Data Broker Rulemaking 

June 28, 2024

As the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau considers adopting new rules under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, EPIC is publishing a series of resources about the rulemaking process and the urgent need to crack down on data brokers through the FCRA. 

EPIC’s new resources delve into the rules CFPB is considering and how they would help modernize the FCRA to better protect consumers. They also highlight how data brokers harm consumers and pose a threat to national security, and they explain how the upcoming FCRA rulemaking can prevent or mitigate those risks. 

A portal for EPIC’s publications on the FCRA rulemaking can be found here. EPIC has also published three information sheets—FCRA Rulemaking: A Path to Reining in Data Brokers; FCRA Rulemaking: Rule Proposals; and Data Broker Threats: National Security. In the coming months, EPIC plans to publish more resources highlighting the ways that data brokers violate our privacy and cause harm to different communities. 

EPIC routinely calls on the CFPB to strengthen privacy protections for consumers. In the past year, EPIC has filed multiple comments supporting the CFPB’s proposed changes to its FCRA regulations and suggesting further improvements. 

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