EPIC’s Rotenberg urges OECD to “Defend democratic values”

February 27, 2020

Speaking at the launch of the OECD AI Policy Observatory in Paris, EPIC President Marc Rotenberg urged OECD member countries to defend"the rule of law, fundamental rights, and democratic institutions." Rotenberg praised the OECD for its work on the AI Principles, noted the influence of the OECD Privacy Guidelines, but also warned that AI decisionmaking will have a profound impact on employment, education, and criminal justice. "The OECD is uniquely situated,:" Rotenberg said "to promote economic growth and protect democratic values." EPIC helped establish the OECD Civil Society Advisory Council and has gathered support for the Universal Guidelines for AI, a policy framework to protect human rights. EPIC's Rotenberg first urged "algorithmic transparency" at the OECD global forum in Japan in 2014.

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