EPIC Launches AI Legislation Scorecard with Virtual Panel Discussion

25 Jun. 12:00 PM EDT

The Electronic Privacy Information Center is hosting a virtual launch event for our AI Legislation Scorecard at 12p.m. EDT on Tuesday, June 25. We are delighted to be joined by: 

  • Vermont Representative Monique Priestley 
  • Alicia Solow-Niederman, Associate Professor, George Washington University Law School 
  • Adam Billen, Director of Policy, Encode Justice 
  • Nik Marda, Technical Lead, AI Governance, Mozilla 

The United States is facing a growing wave of AI legislation at both the state and federal levels. Hundreds of bills seeking to regulate AI were introduced in at least 40 states this legislative session. Dozens of federal regulations have also been proposed. These bills varied widely in their approaches to regulating AI—some tried to set out comprehensive frameworks, some created task forces or commissioned further study, and some focused on regulating narrow or sector-specific AI uses. 

EPIC set out to create a tool for evaluating AI bills: EPIC’s AI Legislation Scorecard. The scorecard provides a rubric for lawmakers, journalists, advocates, and academics to use to evaluate the strength of AI bills. The scorecard lays out key provisions that effective AI legislation should contain, including data minimization requirements, impact assessment and testing obligations, prohibitions on particularly harmful AI uses, and robust enforcement mechanisms. 

During the event, panelists will discuss why strong AI regulation is urgently needed, what effective regulation should look like, and how lawmakers can craft legislation that ensures AI is adopted safely and responsibly.  

To join the Zoom event, click here