EPIC FOIA Gallery Archive

Sunshine Week celebrates and promotes access to information and open government nationally. Launched by the News Leaders Association and coinciding with Freedom of Information Day and James Madison’s birthday, Sunshine Week provides an opportunity for open government advocates, journalists, watchdogs, and the general public to promote their experiences and success stories of accessing government information.

During Sunshine Week, EPIC annually publishes a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) gallery highlighting our open government successes. Through open records requests, amicus briefs, and other policy work, EPIC has maintained its record as a champion for a more open and transparency government. For years, EPIC’s open government work has resulted in the disclosure of critical information about the activities of state and federal agencies. EPIC’s litigation also has generated case law that benefits FOIA requesters and the open government community across the country. Below is a list of published FOIA galleries over the years.

FOIA Galleries