GAO: Congress Should Enact Comprehensive Privacy Legislation

September 14, 2022

The Government Accountability Office yesterday released a snapshot of its recent work on consumer data. The GAO’s work shows that (1) consumer scores pose risks; (2) facial recognition technology raises consumer privacy and accuracy concerns; and (3) additional federal authority over internet privacy could enhance consumer protection. The GAO recommended that Congress implement consumer protection for consumer scores, such as allowing consumers to be informed of score uses and their potential effects, strengthen the consumer privacy framework to reflect changes in technology such as facial recognition, and enact comprehensive internet privacy legislation.

EPIC’s Screening and Scoring Project produces comprehensive resources that identifies instances of scoring and screening of everyday life, articulates common issues with these tools, analyzes potential violations of existing law with their use, and works to protect the public from the algorithmic harm these tools may cause. And EPIC has long advocated for restrictions on the use of facial recognition technology and on the need for a comprehensive U.S. privacy law.

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