New EPIC Report Reveals Additional Generative A.I. Harms and Proposed Remedies

May 15, 2024

One year after its initial report on the harms stemming from generative AI tools, EPIC is releasing a new report identifying additional harm areas and examining proposals that have been put forth to remedy generative AI harms. The past year has seen near-unfettered growth for generative AI. Individuals entirely outside the tech space are being flooded with generative AI art and content and interacting with generative AI chatbots, text generators, and images in news and social media. These generative AI tools are often structured directly counter to the most basic privacy principles, sucking up as much data as possible with no notice to or consent from the individuals tied to that data.

The report, Generating Harms II: Generative AI’s New & Continued Impacts, expands on the harm areas identified in the first report, delving into the risks generative AI poses to elections, privacy rights, data function and quality, and creator rights over their content. In a new section, the report also sets out and categorizes the various state, federal, international, and private-sector proposals intended to counter, mitigate, or remedy generative AI harms.

Generating Harms II: Generative AI’s New & Continued Impacts is part of EPIC’s AI & Human Rights Project, which advocates for transparent, equitable, and accountable AI regulations. Download EPIC’s report at

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