New FCC Regulation of Robocalls

March 29, 2019

The FCC published a final rule on robocalls that establishes a single database for reassigned phone numbers, sets a minimum period of 45 days before a disconnected number may be reassigned to a new subscriber, and adopts a limited safe harbor from liability for any caller that relies upon inaccurate information in the database. EPIC submitted comments for this rulemaking, recommending that the FCC (1) require phone providers to proactively block calls from numbers that are unassigned, unallocated, or invalid; (2) prohibit spoofing if there is an intent to defraud or cause harm; and (3) encourage the use of call authentication technology that safeguards caller anonymity. EPIC has long advocated for robust telephone privacy protections. EPIC filed an amicus brief in 2015 that strengthened consumer protections for robocalls.

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