Adrian Gropper

Founder, HIE of One

Adrian Gropper is a serial entrepreneur in healthcare computing at the intersection of novel device regulation and licensed clinical practice. Decades of strategic work in both medical and general network standards groups has provided him with expertise in mitigating regulatory capture by incumbent industry interests. Gropper uses engineering to advance open and free technology that enables self-sovereign patients, physicians and communities in health inspired by the success of blockchain methods in commerce. His paper won a prize at ONC’s 2016 Blockchain Health competition. His current project, Trustee by HIE of One (Health Information Exchange of One), uses public blockchains, standards, and Free software to enable patient-controlled independent health records that can span a lifetime. This example implementation informs emerging blockchain standards development for identity, credentials, and reputation with groups that include W3C, IETF, Kantara, OpenID Foundation, and others. As Artificial Intelligence challenges regulation of tech as centralized and often secret, the model of open and free self-sovereign technology provides an alternative that keeps natural persons responsible. Gropper holds an M.D. from Harvard Medical School and a B.S. from MIT.