Alicia Solow-Niederman

Associate Professor, University of Iowa College of Law

Alicia Solow-Niederman is an associate professor at the University of Iowa College of Law. Her scholarship explores how to regulate technologies in a way that grapples with social, economic, and political power. Focusing on algorithmic accountability, data governance, and information privacy, she evaluates how digital technologies, such as artificial intelligence, both challenge and offer opportunities to refine and reflect on regulatory approaches and underlying legal values.

Her work on these topics has been published or is forthcoming in publications including the Northwestern University Law Review, the Southern California Law Review, the Berkeley Technology Law Journal, and the Stanford Technology Law Review. She is a cum laude graduate of Harvard Law School, where she was Forum Editor for the Harvard Law Review. After law school, she was a fellow in artificial intelligence, law, and policy at UCLA Law’s Program on Understanding Law, Science, and Evidence (PULSE). She then clerked in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia before serving as a Climenko fellow and lecturer on law at Harvard Law School.