Calli Schroeder

EPIC Senior Counsel and Global Privacy Counsel

Calli Schroeder is Senior Counsel, Global Privacy Counsel, and lead of the AI and Human Rights Project at EPIC. Calli focuses on international privacy developments and fosters relationships between global privacy experts and EPIC. She also supervises, coordinates, and leads EPIC’s work on AI policy and strategy. Since joining the EPIC team in 2021, Calli has represented EPIC in multiple international fora, published academic articles on privacy issues, drafted and submitted global regulatory comments on draft privacy regulations and policy, and coordinated panels and webinars on international privacy matters.¬†She previously acted as a Westin Research Fellow for the International Association of Privacy Professionals, interned with FTC Commissioner Julie Brill, and later performed international privacy compliance and security work for clients. Calli is a 2016 graduate of the University of Colorado Law School. She has published articles on universal ethical standards in human subject research, FTC unfairness enforcement, intangible privacy harms, artificial intelligence frameworks, GDPR application to clinical trials, and more. She received her undergraduate degree from Whitworth University, where she majored in Peace Studies and minored in Philosophy and Theology. She is a member of the Colorado Bar.

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