Deborah Peel

Patient Privacy Rights

Deborah C. Peel, MD, is the Founder and President of Privacy Rights (PPR), with 9,000 e-members. PPR is the world’s leading advocate for the broad universal human and civil right to privacy, focused on the most sensitive personal data, information about our minds and bodies.

PPR’s mission is to restore patient control over personal health information.  To accomplish our mission, we educate and work collaboratively with patients and organizations to restore the ethical right to health information privacy, the foundation of the patient-physician relationship, in law, policy, and technology.

Major ongoing projects are 1) the annual International Summits on the Future of Health Privacy at Georgetown Law Center on emerging health privacy issues and solutions, and the Louis D. Brandeis Privacy Awards Gala and 2) promoting the Privacy Trust Framework with 75+ auditable criteria to rate privacy protections, and enable public trust. Harvard researchers Shore and Steinman called it the world’s ‘gold standard’ and used it to rate the evolution of Facebook’s privacy policy over 5 years: