Jerry Kang

Professor of Law and Asian American Studies, UCLA

Jerry Kang is Distinguished Professor of Law and Asian American Studies and was the inaugural Korea Times – Hankook Ilbo Endowed Chair for Law and Korean American Studies (2010-20). He also served as the founding Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at UCLA (2015 – 20).

Professor Kang’s teaching and research interests include civil procedure, race, and communications. On race, he has focused on the nexus between implicit bias and the law, with the goal of advancing a “behavioral realism” in legal analysis. He regularly collaborates with leading experimental social psychologists on wide-ranging scholarly, educational, and advocacy projects. He also lectures broadly to lawyers, judges, government agencies, and corporations about implicit bias and what we might do about them.

On communications, Professor Kang has published on the topics of privacy, net neutrality, pervasive computing, mass media policy, and cyber-race (the construction of race in cyberspace). He is also the author of Communications Law & Policy: Cases and Materials (7th edition 2020), co-authored with EPIC Executive Director, Alan Butler.