Top European Court Rules Companies Using Facebook “Like” Button Are Responsible for User Privacy

July 29, 2019

The Court of Justice for the European Union has ruled websites embedding the Facebook "like" button are responsible for user privacy. Facebook's tracking technique collects the personal data of visitors to a third-party website and transfers it to Facebook. In Fashion ID v Verbraucherzentrale NRW, the Court stated FashionID can be held jointly responsible with Facebook for compliance with Europe's data protection rules. Fashion ID must obtain prior consent from users or have a legitimate interest in processing their data. The case concerns Europe's 1995 privacy law, but implicates similar terms in the new EU General Data Protection Regulation. EPIC Senior Counsel Alan Butler also recently appeared before the Court of Justice in DPC v. Facebook. The landmark case considers whether the transfer of data to the U.S. using standard contract clauses violates fundamental rights.

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