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  • Safeguarding Democratic Elections in the Age of AI

    | by Sophie Nyombi Nantanda, EPIC Spring Intern

    As national elections approach in the United States, concerns about AI-generated robot calls and manipulated media have grown more urgent. The 2024 elections mark a pivotal moment in American history, as it stands as the first presidential election y…

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    What U.S. Regulators can Learn from the EU AI Act

    | by Maria Villegas Bravo, EPIC Law Fellow

    On March 13, the European Union Parliament passed the Artificial Intelligence Act (“AI Act” or “the Act”), taking the penultimate step in a years-long legislative process. Originally proposed in early 2021, the sweeping, harms-based Act categ…

  • NetChoice v. Bonta: The Case That Threatens the Future of Privacy

    | by Megan Iorio, Senior Counsel

    Last month, a California district court judge enjoined enforcement of the state’s Age-Appropriate Design Code, or AADC, based on a dangerously overbroad reading of the First Amendment. The weaponization of the constitution in NetChoice v. Bonta…

  • Generative AI and Elections: The Approaching Train Wreck

    If you already find parsing through election ads and campaign speeches to get to the truth difficult, just wait for what is ahead with a 2024 election season filled with generative AI generated ads. Misinformation and disinformation already exist in …

  • AI in the Criminal Justice System stock photo

    The Many Forms of Generative AI

    | by Bijal Mehta and Ben Winters

    Generative AI tools have captured the attention of industry, government, and the press throughout the last year for both substantial change and substantial concern. In May, EPIC published Generating Harms, a report breaking down real and current har…

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    Draft California Risk Assessment Regulations Are a Promising Start

    | by Ben Winters, Senior Counsel

    The comments include proposals on cybersecurity audits, risk assessments, and automated decision-making systems and urge the agency to protect Californians by drawing on strong existing frameworks and ensuring that consumers’ rights to opt out and …