EPIC Applauds FTC’s CafePress Settlement, Urges Further Action on Data Protection

April 25, 2022

EPIC has filed comments with the Federal Trade Commission praising a proposed consent order with CafePress, Residual Pumpkin, and PlanetArt and urging the FTC to institute similar privacy measures market-wide. The proposed settlement includes a $500,000 payment to the Commission; EPIC encouraged the Commission to impose similar penalties in the future as a “means of deterring abusive data practices and ensuring the disgorgement of ill-gotten gains.” EPIC highlighted the importance of requiring firms to promptly disclose data breaches to affected customers and the Commission, as reflected in EPIC’s recent comments on the Commission’s proposed amendments to the Safeguards Rule. EPIC also argued that a trade regulation rulemaking on data minimization and other privacy issues would be a powerful mechanism to curb data abuse because it could unlock the Commission’s civil penalty authority and provide firms clear data protection guidance. EPIC routinely files comments with the FTC and encourages the Commission to fully use its authorities to protect consumers.

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