EPIC Joins 48 Public Interest Groups Urging House to Vote on American Data Privacy and Protection Act

August 25, 2022

Today, EPIC joined nearly 50 other public interest, consumer advocacy, and civil rights groups in a letter urging Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to move the “American Data Privacy and Protection Act (ADPPA)” to a vote by the full House of Representatives. The groups contend that this comprehensive federal privacy and civil rights legislation will create “real and lasting protections” for millions of Americans, shielding their personal data like never before.

“The time is now to pass a comprehensive federal privacy and civil rights law,” the groups wrote. “We fear that a failure to move the bill in this Congress will forestall progress on this issue for years to come. We urge you to move the bill to a vote as soon as possible.”

“This is not a perfect privacy bill, but we do believe it would establish critical protections for Americans and make much needed advancements for privacy rights at a time when those rights are very much at risk,” said Alan Butler, EPIC Executive Director. “This is not the end of the process, it is the start of the process. The law will be strengthened over time via rulemaking and litigation. But it is past time to pass a federal privacy law.” 

EPIC Deputy Director Caitriona Fitzgerald testified before the House Committee on Energy & Commerce in June in support of the ADPPA, and EPIC recently published a comparison between ADPPA and California privacy laws in Tech Policy Press. EPIC has been urging Congress to enact a comprehensive federal privacy law for over 20 years.

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