European Privacy Experts to Assess GDPR Compliance

January 6, 2020

The European Data Protection Board will determine whether data brokers and mobile apps comply with the General Data Protection Regulation. The EDPB has commissioned a privacy expert to provide a legal analysis of 25 mobile applications and 10 data brokers. The study is one of several launched by the EDPB to examine the impact of the GDPR. A recent report from the Transatlantic Consumer Dialogue found that Amazon, Netflix, and Spotify do not comply with GDPR and recommended for the United Sates "baseline federal data protection and privacy law that does not pre-empt stronger state privacy protections and that creates an independent data protection agency." EPIC's recent report on federal privacy legislation Grading on a Curve: Privacy Legislation in the 116th Congress evaluates federal privacy bills. EPIC has called for comprehensive baseline, federal legislation and the creation of a data protection agency.

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