NYU Tech Law & Policy Clinic, EPIC File Complaint with CFPB About Rocket Money’s Abusive Data Practices 

December 7, 2022

The NYU Tech Law and Policy clinic today filed a complaint on behalf of EPIC with the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau alleging that Rocket Money’s business practices violate the Dodd-Frank Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act. The complaint alleges that Rocket Money’s interface employs dark patterns that harm its customers, despite the company’s privacy promises. The complaint further alleges that Rocket Money operates as a consumer reporting agency but uses its customers’ credit reports for self-promotional marketing purposes, in violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. EPIC has commented on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau inquiry into big tech payment platforms and recommended that the Bureau strengthen Buy Now Pay Later data practices. EPIC also recently advocated that the Federal Trade Commission use all of its authorities to protect consumers, including its Section 5 rulemaking authority to promulgate a commercial surveillance rule and establish a data minimization rule. 

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