EPIC and Consumer Reports Urge the FTC to Initiate a Data Minimization Rulemaking

January 26, 2022

Today EPIC and Consumer Reports published a white paper that urges the FTC to use its broad unfairness authority to establish a data privacy rule. In support of Accountable Tech’s petition to ban surveillance advertising, the white paper encourages the FTC to establish a Data Minimization rule to prohibit all secondary data uses with limited exceptions. The paper further encourages the FTC to adopt data transparency obligations for primary use of data; civil rights protections over discriminatory data processing; nondiscrimination rules, so that users cannot be charged for making privacy choices; data security obligations; access, portability, correction, and deletion rights; and to prohibit the use of dark patterns with respect to data processing. Last year EPIC joined a coalition calling on the FTC to initiate a civil rights and privacy rulemaking. EPIC supports the establishment of a dedicated Data Protection Agency and comprehensive privacy legislation to protect individuals.

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